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10 Tips for Redesigning a SEO Friendly Website
July 27, 2018

Understanding How Marketing Using Social Media Drives Traffic to Your Website

We all know or have heard that social media can be used as a free marketing tool that all businesses should take advantage of but understanding how to use social media and how to drive traffic to your website must be done effectively for ground breaking results.

The best way to gain new visitors to your online business is to attract those who are actively using the internet to seek products or services.  Social networking online is an evangelistic playground for gaining new business, so play a little bit and make it work for you!

To help you get started, here are some examples of how to gain new followers and lead them to your website.

Complete Your Social Profile: Be sure your social media profiles are completed with a concise business description, your company or personal logo and the URL to your site. A completed profile gives you an optimized social presence because social media updates are included in search results. Also, update periodically and make frequent post with appropriate keywords to increase your SEO ranking.

Promote Your Social Media Handles: Promote your social media handles in places they will look visually attractive such as pages throughout your website, your blog, your local business if you have a storefront, printed materials used for your business advertising, newsletters and email marketing messages.  Also consider adding social media buttons to your website that allow visitors to become immediate followers with one click-thru.

Share Tips and Informative Content: Put in the time and energy to make your online presence worth following. Create informative and engaging content for all your social media updates or post. If you are marketing a brand, use content that provides product knowledge to increase your following.  Use testimonials of clients or customers to show how valuable or useful your products or services are in the form of video or images that direct visitors to your site.

Include Sharing Buttons to Increase Your Following: Utilize all opportunities to enable your current followers and email subscribers to easily share your content with their personal or professional networks. Include like buttons– of course on your website, in your email signature, landing pages, within ebook pages and webinar downloads; and add options to tweet or share URL’s of blog articles.  The list goes on, but do add them for the benefit of reaching a broader audience beyond your direct network.

Advertise Exclusive Offers for New and Current Followers: Create a compelling social media presence that make visitors feel like they must-follow by posting exclusive offers that can be shared.  Statistics showed nearly 60% of Facebook users look for exclusive offers on business pages. Consider creating Facebook contest with eligibility requirements which users have to ‘like’ your page; or create offers that are only available to Twitter or Facebook followers whereas users would have to follow your brand or business to get special offers.

The ultimate goal here is to increase your average order value by using social media. Focus on meeting customer needs through your content and educating your site visitors on how they can benefit from your products or services in a concise post.