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10 Tips for Redesigning a SEO Friendly Website
July 27, 2018

How to Beat The Social Media Marketing Clock

Many professionals are not huge fans of social media. Some argue they don’t quite understand why they should tweet, “pin it”, hashtag (#) or put a substantial amount of time into creating profiles or following others to create a virtual community based around their brand or business. The truth of the matter is– it’s very important to utilize social media to increase your average order value.

To the defense of those who own businesses and focusing on daily operations, who don’t have the budget to invest in manpower to manage free campaign monitoring or integrating software that post for you such as hootsuite– don’t give up. There are ways to accomplish your goal of driving business traffic using social media.

Now there’s no magic wand out there from Disney that’s going to it for you, so it has to be done and you will have to commit to creating time in your daily schedule to get your desired results.

Based on Social Caffeine’s researched results, here are a few facts about the best and worst times to post on social networks. This will help you create a schedule to increase your chances of getting new customers using social media.