Web Video

Web video engages visitors and increases SEO ranking by great numbers


People love to see people. More businesses are starting to leverage the power of video on their website in everything from sales to about us pages. Video can share strong emotions directly to your audience in ways writing is unable to do.

Common uses for web video

  • Explainer Videos
  • Product Videos
  • Testimonials

Some Web Video Stats

Proven comScore Video Metrix stats showed over 186.1 million Americans are watching more than 50 billion online content videos.  Google sites ranked as top video content property, BrightRoll Platform ranked as top video Ad property and Vevo topped the list of YouTube Partner Channels.

The Top 5 Online Video Content Properties by Unique Viewers

  1. Googles Sites:       155,715
  2. Facebook:              87,005
  3. AOL, Inc.:              65,335
  4. Yahoo Sites:          52,164
  5. NDN:                     44,973