24 Oct Responsive Websites vs. Mobile Sites vs. Mobile Apps

For those who are want to know the difference between a responsive website, mobile site and mobile apps, in terms of creating the best online presence, here’s a brief summary what points out the benefits and draw backs depending on your business needs.

In essence, all three platforms are effective in providing an online presence; however this will help you make your own decision on which platform is right for you.

RESPONSIVE WEB DESIGN                     

  • Retains formatted layouts, content and image quality
  • Reduces excessive scrolling, pinching or zooming
  • Adapts to mobile devices
  • Allows automatic optimization
  • Promotes user engagement
  • Increase visitor-to –buyer conversion rates



  • Designed to include crucial functions and features
  • Allows content prioritization for mobile phones
  • Bars, tabs and buttons are used; no hyperlinks to promote using your fingers.
  • Requires less graphics due to smaller screen space
  • Offers the use of geo-location services or support



  • Offers offline access
  • Provides easy purchasing options
  • Captures data for personalization through notifications
  • Offers specific features including GPS, camera and touch screen gestures
  • Reduce user data cost with flexible synchronization
  • Can be updated to continue responsive activity on operating systems


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