24 Oct Why Is Your Logo Important?

Your logo design is the identity of your business or brand. A logo can serve many purposes and play a very active role that compliments the first impression of your brand or business; in addition all marketing efforts.

Logo designs are important because they connect your brand or business with consumers by use of distinct lines, colors, textures and shapes that a pleasing to the mind. It is also important to have your logo professionally designed by an artist who understands the aesthetics of graphic designing.

We all know what a logo represents but to really grasp why it’s important, let’s focus on its meaning—a logo is a graphic symbol or emblem used as a branding tool to promote public recognition of your brand or business.

So why is your logo important? Your logo is important because it actively promotes your brand. A professionally designed logo is one of the best marketing tools that give you a ROI. For example, it is the smallest element of your business that operates continuously without the use of manpower except for the time of its inception.

Now it’s time to help you plan for a concept to share with a professional graphic designer.  During your planning, here some questions you want to consider.

  1. Does my concept measure up to the test of time?
  2. Does my concept reflect the purpose of my brand?
  3. Does my color scheme standout amongst other color palette options?
  4. Does my concept make the same impact in all lockups such as in black and white?
  5. Will my concept reflect quality in different sizes?
  6. Will my concept look attractive on print materials, storefront or social networking?

Next you will want to create a list of words to describe your logo, i.e. (nostalgic, rustic, edgy) along with a list of things you don’t to see incorporated into your design such as an ugly color or a non-corporate typeface font.

When choosing a designer view their logo samples.  Discuss the cost for having your concept designed. Be prepared for a budget between $150-10K depending on if you decided to retain an agency or a free lance designer, the amount of concepts needed for your business and if an agency is providing you a logo with branding services.

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