24 Oct 7 Effective Tips to Use for Creating a Great Ecommerce Site

It’s very important to have a responsive ecommerce website. Responsive ecommerce websites are advantageous and unique simply because the elements such as photos, videos, product descriptions that include keywords and product price points are all contributing factors that help increase SEO.

So, at some time or another you have visited sites that you weren’t able to make a purchase as quickly as possible, you couldn’t find the product you were looking for after being told it’s on a particular site, or perhaps you visited a site that was poorly designed and the product didn’t look like quality. Don’t let that be your website.

Here’s how you can be sure you have a responsive ecommerce website that serves the purpose of selling your products or services, online marketing, informing your visitors and providing a user-friendly experience.

Functionality-    Be sure your web design is responsive. Test all links and buttons for easy click throughs, especially for your call to action buttons. Consider usinga WordPress template and have your developer customize your site which will help assure that your site stays responsive during point of sale.

Content-                All of your content should be customer focused. Use familiar terms describe your products by using color, size, fabric type, content matter & most active ingredients. For services be sure your content answers questions or provides options for your visitors. If your budget permits, consider implementing a language translation option.

Engagement-      Connect with your visitors by using interactive visuals. Use zooming options for photos, videos or live models or presentations of your products being used. If you provide services, use appropriate photos and video of events or demonstrations. Instead of using a hourglass or spinning initialization, use words that reflect a conversation such as “Thank you, we’re processing your order now!” or include a banner Ad during the processing to keep your visitor visually engaged.

Security-            Assure your customer their information will be safe. Provide a privacy protection statement on your website or after profiles are completed. Make your reset password options easy to access or provide a guest buying experience.               

Promotions-    Make your promotional discounts visible on all pages. On your check out page place shipping prices and optional discounts as well. Use competitive pricing or deals; include guarantees and warranties when applicable. Most importantly use promotions.

Social Media-Allow your promotional discounts to be shared on social media from your website. This is a great way to gain new customers and followers who can be used as advocates of your products or services.

Visual-                 Interact with your visitors by using high quality photos, quick previews, digital graphic elements and color schemes that are easy on the eye. Be intuitively creative; and utilize a graphic designer as needed. Use white space.

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